Yes indeed, another new site has joined “The Noodle”! Presenting, a site dedicated to news and information for the Eversley Invitational Basketball Tournament benefitting the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. The tournament has been organized by my very good friend Mark Eversley, and has been picking up steam so much in the last few years he needs a website to stem the tide of calls to his already overworked cell phone.

The tournament is taking place May 9th and 10th, and entries are currently being accepted! For more info please visit the site.

It looks like I’ve finally got the blog in a decent enough state to add my little donation bar of DOOM, not to mention that the Dreamhost collection squad will be coming to break my legs. You see we’ve been using alot of tube-space on the old Internets,  and the costs have mounted. That means it’s time to launch the fantastic “Support the Noodle 2009 Donation Drive“!

I’ve always tried to offer donators something in exchange for their generosity, usually a chunk of server space to make a little site of their own. Although recently I’ve realized… that’s pretty much what I’m all about here! If you need a bit of space to do your thing, but you’re not ready to jump into the whole website thing with both feet I’m here fo ya.

Of course, the biggest incentive of ALL for your donation is this: Any extra funds I need to put towards the hosting fees come out of my coffee fund. Any impact on my intake of caffeine and I might just lose my mind.

After a solid 4 years dithering about what I should or shouldn’t do with the main domain here I’ve just decided to make it a jumping off point to the various sites in my little “SavageNoodle Network”, and occasionally punish the internet with my incoherent ramblings.

Speaking of incoherent ramblings, and also because it’s all the rage these last few days, I’d like to congratulate the United States as a whole for taking a huge step forward in history with the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Even in the first two days of his administration I hear he’s making some shakeups in the government, and taking huge steps towards righting some egregious wrongs of the previous administration. [of whom I dare not speak it's name. :P ]

Now, sear your brain with some Tokyo Dance Trooper!